Fiddlebox are George Whitfield on accordion and vocals and Helen Adam on violin and vocals. We have been playing and working together as a duo since 2002. This long working relationship has allowed us to develop a unique sound which blends our varying influences and styles, which include Klezmer, Rock, Classical, Celtic folk, Welsh dance music and song, Blues, and Bluegrass.

We specialise in providing great party music, for weddings, birthdays, and any other occasion that calls for a dance. We both call and have an interesting range of dances, with many traditional Welsh dances, also Scottish, Russian, Eastern European, and American.

We are often to be found providing ‘walkabout’ entertainment at events such as food festivals and other large scale public events, having, over the years, developed the ability to walk, play, and sometimes even talk at the same time, and a collection of festive and eye catching outfits!

We are a bilingual band, both having learnt Welsh as adults, and promote the beautiful dance music and songs of Wales to new audiences.

We were delighted to launch our 3rd album this April. Called ‘Eastern Honeymoon’ it combines Klezmer music (the music of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe) with Welsh traditional music, in a new form we have called Klezreig. Klezreig music is both passionate and earthy: it is rooted in tradition from two great cultures but is also music to stir your emotions, and make you want to dance, here and now, in our secular 21st century society.

Technically brilliant stuff and full of passion and feel. A wonderful, wonderful record ‘Eastern Honeymoon’ by Fiddlebox. George and Helen on Box and Fiddle respectively, lovely stuff!
—BB Skone
...the first notes sent chills through my brain and heart-like an ancient hebrew prayer...
—Dan Bloom, Taiwan
Jewish fiddler from wales has put a new spin on that old-time Klezmer beat
—San Diego Jewish World
a unique fusion
—The Jewish Chronicle

We are often to be found playing in our homeland of Wales, but also travel regularly abroad. A tour of Iceland is planned for October this year, and a tour of the Seychelles is in discussion.

Please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you, either to enquire about a booking, to discuss your event, or just to chat about the music.